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iMat®️Lattice-36(36-lattice Machine)
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Product Features
  • Support cascading any host to achieve collection and return management
  • Highly scalable, supports cascading auxiliaries
  • Off-line normal use, power-off data protection, self-diagnosis of faults
Product parameters
Whole Size 1950*1210*560mm
Number of freight lanes 36
Single Cargo Lane Size  169*229*546
Maximum load capacity of single cargo aisle 30kg
Maximum load capacity of the whole machine 500kg
Weight 260kg
Voltage 12V DC
Power 35W
Collection Method Follow the host

Managing Materials
  • Welding supplies
  • Electrical auxiliary materials
  • Abrasives
  • Power Tools
  • Office 3C supplies
  • PPE
Application Scenarios
  • Administrative Office
  • PPE Management
Application Industry

OEM assembly

Machining industry

Rail Transit

New Energy

Automotive Industry