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Executive Office Solutions

Enhancing work efficiency and employee happiness

Management Troubles
  • A wide variety of office materials
    Managers need time-consuming and labor-intensive to organize, and the high cost of management affects the management efficiency of enterprises.
  • Cumbersome approval process
    The paper version of the claim or OA application needs to be approved, which is a cumbersome process and affects the efficiency of employees.
  • Large number of employees
    The records of purchase, entry and receipt of materials may be wrongly recorded, which may lead to the waste of materials.
Program Advantages
Collect as you go
Semi-open management, efficient material pick-up
Set up collection rights
Reduce material waste by tracing receipt records
Automatic replenishment
Real-time online inventory monitoring and automatic stock replenishment reminders
Intelligent Analytics
Full process record of claiming, one click to export custom reports