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Tool Solutions

Real-time production data at your fingertips

Management Troubles
  • Confusing tool storage
    Tools are piled up randomly, no record of use, irregular storage location, and difficult to find.
  • High inventory pressure
    The variety and number of tools and the large amount of data easily lead to duplicate acquisition and idleness of tools.
  • Data is difficult to trace
    Lost tools, unclear responsibility, no traceability
  • Less data analysis
    Procurement: Missing data analysis, no procurement plan
Program Advantages
Permission Control
Enables high-precision and multi-dimensional rights management
Information Traceability
Daily operation monitoring, digital records to trace the destination of tools
Neat and standardized
Improve site 5S management, quick and easy tool collection
7*24 hours
7*24 hours self-help service, reduce the pressure of the treasurer's work