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Cutting Tool Solutions

Total Life Cycle Management, Continuous Lean Improvement

Management Troubles
  • Serious tool waste
    High tool unit cost, high cost of random waste
  • Nighttime tool issuance issues
    The warehouse management load is high, and shift work is required in case of nighttime material collection, resulting in high management costs.
  • Difficult data management
    Manual ledger bookkeeping, which cannot be reconciled and traced.
  • Difficult to recycle for secondary use
    End-of-life tools and resharpenable tools are not regularly collected and data cannot be counted, and the company suffers losses.
Program Advantages
Management refinement
Real-time production data, visualized management, self-service claiming, and improved production efficiency
Decision Wisdom
Realize the upgrade of informationization and digitalization within the enterprise, and provide big data support for decision making
Customer Satisfaction
Lean management brings lean production, improves product yields, and increases customer satisfaction
Operational Agility
Cost reduction, reduce the pressure of business operation; cost expenditure is traceable, intelligent pull production operation