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iMat®️Lattice-W12 (Weighting Lattice Machine)
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Product Features
  • Individual material weight update and maintenance
  • High-precision sensor automatic recording, efficient and accurate
  • Support multiple pickups in the same aisle
Product parameters
Whole Size 1950*700*560mm
Single Size Small:200 *250*450
Capacity Type 12
Weighing accuracy 5g
Weight 180kg
Voltage 12V AC
Power 35W
Collection Method Follow the host

Managing Materials
  • Adhesive tape labels
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Office Supplies
  • Precious Fasteners
  • Abrasives
  • Electrical auxiliary materials
  • cutting tools
  • Bearing drive
Application Scenarios
  • Tool Management
  • PPE Management
Application Industry

Communication Electronics

Rail Transit


Power Grid

Party and government units

OEM assembly