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PPE Solutions

Contactless automatic issuance, use as you go

Management Troubles
  • Inefficient collection
    Manual distribution is inefficient, and there is a risk of cross-infection in an epidemic situation.
  • Large inventory input
    High risk of inventory stagnation due to early stocking
  • Difficult to manage personnel
    The factory has many employees and the distribution of materials is tedious
  • Exceptionally difficult to trace
    Manual desk records, errors and exceptions are difficult to trace afterwards
Program Advantages
Contactless automated dispensing
Realize the whole process of receiving and using unmanned
Deployment line side
Adopt EVM model, no need to prepare inventory, settlement after receiving
Set up collection rights
Control the unnecessary waste of materials by setting the authority of the personnel who receive materials in the factory.
Standardized management
Real-time data upload system, one-click view and export in the background, intelligent management