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Smart Warehouse Solutions

Achieve 24H unmanned operation and full process online management

Management Troubles
  • Inventory Management Energy Occupancy
    Too few stock keepers can't cover the 24-hour demand for materials, too many stock keepers lead to waste of human resources
  • Inventory inaccuracy
    The accounts depend on the treasurer's operation, and the continuous operation of emergency incoming and outgoing is prone to omissions and misrecordings, resulting in inaccurate inventory data
  • Confusing library planning
    Confusing material planning, tedious and complicated inventory work
Program Advantages
Inventory Management Liberation
Realize warehouse operation 24*7*365, employees can collect materials by permission
Digital Management
Synchronize data online to get a clear picture of warehouse operations, so production never runs out of stock
Standardized storage space
Standardized inventory locations and storage rules to ensure the accuracy of inventory locations
Set up collection rights
Historical traceability of receipt records to reduce material waste
Case Study
Food processing
Industry Leading Dairy Group
A leading dairy group is the first in the global dairy industry and the first in the Asian dairy industry, and the largest and most comprehensive dairy company in China. In terms of digital transformation, it is one of the first "pilot enterprises of Internet and industrial integration and innovation" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Using Internet thinking, the company has realized "Internet+" in various fields such as production, quality, channels and marketing with the help of Internet technology. In order to make the intelligent level further into the daily management of the enterprise, we started an in-depth demand communication with KUNTON intelligent storage to explore the suitable solution for the administrative office material management scenario.
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