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Machinery Manufacturing
A laser cutting company
A laser cutting enterprise is a production, research and development, sales as one of the laser cutting total solutions provider, focusing on the production of laser cutting machine, high-quality laser cutting machine, plate and tube integrated machine and other industrial laser intelligent equipment, product performance, cutting stability, help enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, transformation and upgrading.
  • -20%

    Cost reduction

  • +50%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Material quality is unstable: materials are supplied by multiple suppliers, the quality of materials is difficult to guarantee, in recent years, even a number of core materials have been found to be counterfeit and shoddy, which seriously affects product quality.
    2. Cumbersome system can't record the material receiving: material receiving needs to go through mentioning the plan, placing purchase orders, warehousing quality inspection, and then through the leadership layers of approval, which seriously affects the work efficiency; SAP system can't accurately record the material used by each project, which leads to non-transparent material receiving and big waste.
    3. Material stagnation can not be consumed: material stocking inaccuracy and project design changes, resulting in more and more stagnant material backlog, at the same time, many material procurement there is a minimum order, resulting in warehouse stagnation for a long time, not only a waste of cash flow, but also occupy too much of the warehouse area

  1. Material replacement: combing high-frequency use of materials, centralized replacement, the use of small warehouses, stock in the field, swipe the card to receive, to avoid the tedious collection of materials

    2. System docking: SAP system is used to dock, the system process is connected, and the data of material collection is automatically transmitted back to SAP to improve efficiency.

    3. Consignment management: Adopt consignment method, stocking in the field, claiming first and then settling, no claiming and no settling, reducing the risk of inventory stagnation

Customer Value
  1. Easy claiming and accurate data recording.
    2. High-frequency materials do not require spare inventory, reducing inventory stagnation and lowering inventory occupancy.
    3. Materials are sorted and integrated, reducing the variety of materials under management.
    4. Employees can collect materials independently, reducing the material issuance process and providing human efficiency.