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Electrical & Electronics
A well-known group in the electrical industry
A well-known group in the electrical industry, as a well-known brand in the production and development of transformers, switchgear, wire and cable and other electrical products, with the establishment of the Xi'an factory, the group is also gradually upgraded to Industry 4.0 intelligent factory, in the face of complex fastener management, the group and Zhen Kunxing and KUNTON in-depth discussions, the use of intelligent small warehouse to fully manage the fasteners required by the production line and part of In order to realize the "0 stock" of production line materials, the group and ZKH and KUNTON had an in-depth discussion.
  • -20%

    Cost reduction

  • +30%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
1. Cumbersome recording of receipt data.
2. Large inventory and cash flow usage.
3. Serious material loss.
4. Long process approval time.

Administrative material category:
Adopting the combination method of intelligent spring machine + intelligent lattice machine, it realizes the different authority of different personnel to receive.
Fastener category:
Adopting intelligent weighing machine management to realize inventory control of fastener collocation, reduce material stagnation and make the site more tidy.
Electronic components:
Adopting intelligent weighing machine management, realizing the special person receiving control of high-value materials and avoiding the waste of high-value materials.

Customer Value
  1. Reduce waste: Through the staff receiving card, set the number of staff receiving materials, reduce the waste of material receiving at the same time, strengthen the management of intelligent
    2. Improving efficiency: By deploying equipment on the work site, it enhances personnel operation time efficiency and reduces the traditional process of issuing materials.
    3. Optimize the process: materials do not need too much stock preparation, and the system monitors intelligent small warehouse inventory in real time to reduce on-site warehouse inventory stagnation and reduce stock preparation capital occupation