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Electrical & Electronics
Well-known central enterprises in the electrical manufacturing industry
State-owned electrical manufacturing industry well-known central enterprises, as the leader of the state-owned electrical manufacturing industry, with the continuous growth of business, facing the first to achieve the overall intelligent management of materials, to achieve the factory 4.0 demonstration point units, the face of complex OEM fasteners and MRO auxiliary materials, chose to carry out in-depth cooperation with ZKH and KUNTON to discuss, the use of intelligent small warehouse for comprehensive fasteners and office supplies and other line side management approach to overall management.
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    Cost reduction

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    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Low delivery time: the fasteners required for production belong to the project system, due to the uncertainty of the project, the length of time will lead to untimely delivery, thus affecting production
    2. High stocking capital: fasteners are used in large quantities, and a stocking is used for about 2~3 months, and the large stocking of fasteners also occupies a large amount of warehouse area, which affects the stocking of other materials
    3. Stagnant inventory: due to project needs, production plan changes, resulting in more stagnant materials, stagnant material control, processing will also take up labor costs
    4. High management cost: Fasteners are received after a series of processes such as mentioning the plan, purchase order, incoming quality inspection, shelf, outgoing distribution to the work station, and employee sign-off, which seriously affects the use of fasteners.

Administrative material category:
Adopting the combination method of intelligent spring machine + intelligent lattice machine, it realizes the different authority of different personnel to receive.
Fastener category:
Adopting intelligent weighing machine management to realize inventory control of fastener collocation, reduce material stagnation and make the site more tidy.
Electronic components:
Adopting intelligent weighing machine management, realizing the special person receiving control of high-value materials and avoiding the waste of high-value materials.

Customer Value
  1. Intelligent management: Intelligent management, personnel authority control, reduce waste.
    2. Improve operational efficiency: improve personnel operation time efficiency, reduce the traditional process of issuing materials.
    3. Simplify the approval process: materials do not need too much stock in preparation, the system real-time monitoring of intelligent small warehouse inventory, reduce on-site warehouse inventory stagnation, reduce stocking capital occupation.
    4. Management data visualization: Real-time recording of the receipt data, one-click export visualization report, without personnel receipt registration.