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Electrical & Electronics
A well-known group in the electrical industry
A well-known group in the electrical industry was established in 1995, is a leading professional supplier of high-grade switches and sockets, converters, household LED lights, in the provision of quality products and services, always committed to creating a safer electricity environment for the public. There are many cost centers, complicated material collection process, divided into day and night shifts, day shift personnel need to collect the materials of the night shift in advance, resulting in cumbersome material collection, and there is a demand for cost control.
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    Cost reduction

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    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. High stocking amount: The stocking amount is high, the packing material, PPE, etc. need to be stocked in advance for about 1 month to avoid the production of broken materials, which takes up a lot of cash flow.
    2. Cumbersome collection process: day shift staff need to collect materials for night shift in advance, materials are placed on site, waiting for night shift staff to collect, materials need to be passed, resulting in cumbersome material collection
    3. The use of waste is serious: employees in the collection of materials, lost serious, resulting in the use of materials waste large

Administrative material category:
The combination management of spring machine + lattice machine is adopted to realize the different authority of different personnel to receive.
PPE category:
Adopting the management of lattice machine, it realizes the inventory control of PPE collection, reduces the material stagnation and makes the site more neat and tidy.
Abrasive mold class:
Adopt the management of lattice cabinet, realize the staff to receive as they use, and improve the efficiency of receiving.

Customer Value
  1. Reducing the stocking area: the required materials are placed in the intelligent small warehouse and replenished every week according to the equipment-triggered replenishment reminder to avoid a large inventory backlog at the work site.
    2. Receiving materials accounting to the cost center: employees receive materials by swiping their cards, and the employee card sets the permission to receive materials to avoid wasteful receiving and, at the same time, to achieve the cost center attribution of receiving materials.
    3. Material management is simpler: different personnel in day shift and night shift set different permissions, no need for day shift instead of night shift to receive materials, material backlog at the work site, releasing the pressure of material receiving management.