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Automotive Manufacturing
A well-known new energy vehicle company
A well-known new energy vehicle company is a global smart electric vehicle brand, established in November 2014. As a well-known new energy vehicle manufacturer company in China, it is committed to creating an enjoyable lifestyle for its users by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles with the ultimate user experience. As its business in China continues to grow, it faces a huge challenge in material procurement management, especially for its decentralized administrative staff, to meet the increasing demand; the enterprise urgently seeks smart warehousing solutions that reduce procurement costs and improve management efficiency.
  • -10%

    Cost reduction

  • +60%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Cumbersome collection process: the demander needs to register and approve the system and then go to the front desk to register and collect, and the key approver travels, which greatly affects office efficiency
    2. Large reserve funds: the original procurement mode requires a month in advance to place orders, more inventory, occupying warehouse storage capacity, and huge capital costs; at the same time, there are unstable delivery schedules and other situations, affecting employee experience.
    3. Serious inventory stagnation: no control of personnel authority, large waste caused by the use of the process; manual bookkeeping and other unclear not prepared, statistical difficulties
    4. High management cost: long financial sorting data time, multiple office data collection and statistics, and then matching analysis, high management cost

Administrative material category:
The combination management of spring machine + lattice machine is adopted to realize the different authority of different personnel to receive.
PPE category:
Adopting the management of lattice machine, it realizes the inventory control of PPE collection, reduces material stagnation and makes the site more tidy.
Cleaning supplies category:
It adopts the management of lattice cabinet to realize the staff to receive as they use and improve the efficiency of receiving.

Customer Value
  1. Improve the efficiency of material collection: through intelligent storage equipment deployed on site, effectively improve the timeliness of material collection, the materials required by employees are available at their fingertips, effectively improving the efficiency of material collection
    2. Reduce procurement costs: By optimizing the management process, the material receiving authority is set to avoid layers of approval and reduce comprehensive procurement management costs.
    3. Real-time inventory monitoring: Through intelligent storage devices, the inventory status of different locations can be checked in real time, and through the ZKH replenishment assistant, replenishment can be completed in a timely manner to avoid the risk of stock-out on site.
    4. On-site lean management: high-frequency materials are managed by intelligent warehousing equipment, optimizing on-site material placement, and achieving lean management through process optimization and material collection control