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Machinery Manufacturing
A well-known domestic 3C manufacturing company
A well-known domestic 3C manufacturing enterprise company, as the leader of dispensing machine industry, has dozens of CNC machine tools, facing the intelligent management of tools has an urgent need to make material management more intelligent, to achieve overall cost reduction and efficiency. Facing the complicated MRO management, the customer hopes to achieve "0 inventory" of production line materials through the overall intelligent storage solution.
  • -30%

    Cost reduction

  • +40%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Cumbersome tool collection process: employees need to sign and check the documents and then collect them from the auxiliary material warehouse, which makes the collection cycle longer.
    2. Uninterrupted supply is difficult to guarantee: It is difficult to issue tools at night, and easy to make mistakes and omissions, which affects the normal operation of production lines.
    3. Inventory status data lagging: manual registration is used, and the return of the tool is frequent, resulting in a lagging safety stock status. 

Machining tool category:
Adopt rotary tool cabinet management to realize fine tool management.
OEM fasteners:
Adopt intelligent shelf management to realize employees to receive as they use and improve the efficiency of receiving.
Administrative materials:
Adopt the combination management of weighing machine + lattice machine to realize the different authority of different personnel to receive.

Customer Value
  1. 40% improvement in material claiming efficiency: ensure 7*24h uninterrupted supply, simplify claiming process, and increase efficiency by 40%.
    2. 30% reduction in overall operation cost: 30% reduction in operation cost by improving tool utilization rate and reducing tool waste.
    3. Digital operation drives continuous business improvement: The reporting system can be customized with business critical data kanban to drive continuous business improvement.