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Chemical industry
An internationally renowned chemical group
With a history of more than 140 years, an internationally renowned chemical group with operations in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America, manufactures and operates more than 10,000 products for civil and industrial use in nearly 75 countries. The adhesives business was the first to enter the Chinese market, and its products are widely used in general industry, civil adhesives, industrial adhesives, automotive industry, metal industry, aerospace business and electronics business, providing global customers with global uniform quality products and tailor-made comprehensive process solutions around the world.
  • -20%

    Cost reduction

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    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. There are more than 3,000 kinds of materials in the warehouse, and it is difficult to manage the situation.
    2. 5 warehouse managers are not long enough to support 24 hours a day to receive materials
    3. Paper and pencil records are kept for incoming and outgoing materials, and there is a risk of misremembering and misremembering at the peak of receiving materials.
    4. The inventory situation is monitored by human, and there is the risk of explosion and material breakage.

On-site front warehouse:
The use of sweeping code intelligent warehouse, to achieve 24-hour unattended front warehouse.

Customer Value
  1. Unattended warehouse: access / warehouse authority management, to achieve 24h unattended management.
    2. Record digitalization: the data is generated when the material is received, and the real-time data is transferred to ERP system, which helps customers to analyze the data more conveniently and accurately.
    3. Intelligent management: provide professional management platform, real-time query of current inventory warning inventory, material usage and other inventory information, configuration of various employee permissions