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Food processing
A leading group in the dairy industry
A dairy industry group is the first in the global dairy industry and the first in the Asian dairy industry, and the largest and most comprehensive dairy enterprise in China. In terms of digital transformation, the group is one of the first "pilot enterprises of Internet and industrial integration and innovation" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Using Internet thinking, the company has been using Internet technology to achieve "Internet+" in all areas of production, quality, channels and marketing. In order to make the intelligent level further into the daily management of the enterprise, through in-depth communication with KUNTON intelligent storage requirements, to explore suitable solutions for the customer's administrative office material management scenarios.
  • -20%

    Cost reduction

  • +40%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Office materials are many and miscellaneous, high management costs: administrative material management personnel need to spend time and effort on material management, material inventory organization, the cost of management is relatively high, affecting the management efficiency of enterprises.
    2. The approval process is cumbersome and the efficiency is low: when employees use paper version of the application for material collection or OA, etc., they need to be approved and must also be present in the administrative material management personnel, which is inconvenient to receive materials and wastes the working time of employees and also affects the efficiency of employees.
    3. Many employees, management difficulties: administrative office types are many and varied, involving the use of many people, for the purchase of materials, household, too many records of receipt, there may be a situation of omission, the management of materials staff in the management of materials is also more difficult, will lead to the waste of materials, is not conducive to the development of work.

Administrative material category:
The combination management of weighing machine + weighing lattice machine is adopted to realize the different authority of different personnel to receive.

Customer Value
  1. Improve efficiency by collecting as you go - semi-open management, efficient collection of materials, improve work efficiency
    2. Set the staff's collection authority - intelligent management, traceable collection records, reduce material waste
    3. Automatic replenishment to ensure operation - real-time online monitoring of inventory, automatic warning replenishment to ensure an uninterrupted supply of materials
    4. Intelligent analysis of data reports - the whole process of receiving records, one key to export custom reports, improve digital level