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Customer value-oriented, customer success is our greatest success

Internet Industry
A well-known Internet company
An Internet company has dozens of service centers in the country, each service center is equipped with 1~2 administrative material administrators, facing a wide range of materials, boring material management, administrators are suffering. The repetitive labor of placing orders, purchasing and issuing materials continues to consume time and energy, and the management efficiency is low.
  • -20%

    Cost reduction

  • +50%

    Increase in efficiency

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Customer Troubles
  1. Non-transparent data: cumbersome records of receipt data.
    2. Large inventory occupancy: Large inventory and cash flow occupancy.
    3. Serious material waste: rough management, material loss is serious.
    4. Untimely collection: The collection process is cumbersome, and the approval time is long.

Administrative material category:
Adopting the combination management of weighing machine + lattice machine, it realizes the different authority of different personnel to receive.
PPE category:
Adopt the management of lattice machine to realize the inventory control of PPE collection, reduce the material stagnation and make the site more neat and tidy.

Customer Value
  1. Accurate data: easy to claim, accurate data recording, 99.98% accuracy rate
    2. Intelligent report: One-click export of report analysis, no complicated work such as inventory
    3. Transparent and efficient: swipe the card to receive, through the configuration of the authority, the receipt process is more transparent
    4. Reduce waste: targeted borrowing and returning, quantity management program.